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The best kept secret of the putian shoes factory

The success of putian shoes wholesale sales is always attributed to the fact that they are affordable and of very good quality, even the details of the shoes have been meticulously taken care of, and this is quite true, since they are famous precisely for being much cheaper than the original shoes.

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The putian shoes are known to be a fairly faithful imitation of the original shoe of various brands.

Since putian shoes China started to do quite a brilliant job in terms of imitation shoes, their name became popular and their sales increased significantly. And is that, first of all, the comparison of the price of these shoes with the original ones is obvious.

These shoes, in some cases, can cost up to a quarter of what you would pay for an original model, and, for those who want to wear them, without having to spend so much money, it is quite a smart choice.

At first glance, you can’t tell this imitation from an original shoe, and that’s fine with many.

Only through a thorough examination could you determine that it is an imitation, in fact, you can even make some measurements to prove that it is an imitation and not one of the putian shoes wholesale that are in many of the world’s markets.

So, is this the secret of the success and fame of the putian shoes?

If you think that the secret is only based on a couple of factors, then you should know that there is something else behind it.

For the manufacturers of these imitations, it is not only enough to use better quality materials than those of other companies that seek to imitate big brands. Nor is it enough for them to have very competitive prices, which are very attractive to anyone who wants to get these shoes.

The secret that putian manufacturers have kept best is related to the way they manufacture each pair of shoes.

When the manufacturers of these shoes want to develop a pair similar to those of well-known brands, they gather a lot of information about them, that is, they try to learn absolutely everything about the original shoes.

They achieve this in only one way, by acquiring at least one pair of original shoes, so that they can observe them in detail.

The putian shoes workers acquire these original shoes to determine the structure, and also the material from which they are made, because, even this becomes important to them, and the material in both shoes is the same.

They also begin to observe the behavior of the shoe once it is worn, the time of wear and the way it molds with use.

With the first pair what they achieve is to disassemble the shoe to learn in depth how to assemble each of the parts that compose it, while, with a second pair, they can make the comparisons they need to make the prototypes similar to this one.